Salomon Lily Focus Boa Boots 2015

Salomon Lily Focus Boa Boots 2015

So last week I was a very happy girl to see these lovely Salomon boots turn up! I got my stuff ready and headed up the mountain straight away to test them out. The first thing you notice when you put these boots on is how supportive they feel, there is some really comfy padding that goes around your heel which makes a massive difference to the comfort and also stops your heels from lifting up out of your boots. My favourite thing about the Lily’s is how quick and easy they are to do up! You literally pull the inner lining tight and secure it with the small lock and simply push in and twist both of the boas. The brilliant thing about having two boa’s is it means the boot tightens around your ankle and the top of the boot securing your feet in there nice and snug. A little bit of cheeky leopard print thrown in there and you have the perfect snowboard boots! Look out for them in stores next winter :)

Spy – Beachwood sunnies


This season in Mayrhofen, Austria we have had very little snow and a LOT of sun! I’ve worn my Spy sunnies pretty much everyday this winter! The Beachwood frame is a really nice shape and the lenses protect your eyes even from the harsh rays on the mountain. spy goodCheck out the different colours and lens options on the Spy website


Some shots from Penken Park!

So I haven’t updated my blog in a while, it’s been so hot out here in Mayrhofen with nearly 20 degrees on the mountain! Here are a few shots that photographer Greg Stevens shot for me a couple of weeks ago. 1618214_203592289850931_1234872971_o Continue reading

ISPO Munich – Salomon & Nikita Snowboard Boots 2015

salomon bootThese are my favourite boots from the Salomon & Nikita boot collection, this is the first year that Nikita have produced boots so for their first year i think they have done really well check out the Sideway Sista boot. Continue reading

ISPO Munich – Nikita Outerwear

Nikita Brave Jacket (Jacquard) – Brave jacket - jacquardISPO was a great opportunity to look at next winters upcoming trends and the Nikita stand had lots of goodies on show. Continue reading

ISPO Munich – Nikita Snowboards 2014/2015

Nikita Chickita 2014/2015 Nikita chickitaI was surprised that such an awesome board in the powder could also be easy to press and ollie in the park too. It’s a great balance with the pressure rocker that helps your nose float through the powdery stuff and the Aspen strong core that gives your ollies that extra snap in the park.

Nikita Sideways Sista 2014/2015 – Continue reading