The Brits – Laax, Switerland 2010

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The british championships were held in Laax, Switzerland so i spent the week there practising & competing for events.

I entered all the events and was pleased to get 2nd place in big air & 2nd in boardercross and i was stoked to get 1st place in slopestyle and 1st place in halfpipe, i was also super happy to make the finals in halfpipe and came 6th overall.

Slopestyle & Halfpipe were my favourite events of the week,

Unfortunately the weather turned really bad for slopesytyle but luckily the girls just managed to get there qualifying runs donw before the event was cancelled, i landed the run i wanted and was pleased with the result so i still had a good day 🙂

Halfpipe conditions still werent great but i was so stoked to ride it didnt matter, before the event i’d only had 4 days practise in pipe and although i was new to it i wanted to enter and see how it went, i was happy with my runs consisting of some nice big airs and grabs, and i also manage to do a couple of 360’s so i was stoked with how the day went

Overall it was a great week, really enjoyed it and cant wait for next year!


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