Random Happenings!

Over the season i have done lots of different progression camps and sessions, my favourite being the ‘one snowboard camp’ in morzine at the start of the season. i learnt alot during the week and found it really helpful

I also took part in a volcom girls session at chill factore which was pretty rad, seeing cheryl maas and sara pancochova killing it at chill factore was really inspiring and opened my eyes to the possibilties of what level you can get to with your riding

It snowed in the uk quite a bit at the start of the year and it ook full advantage and headed to the city of york, fancied a bomb drop off the great york wall, got a pretty cool shot of it so was happy with that little session –

At castleford there have been a few events on, heres a shot from ‘parkstrife – got wood’

Heres another shot from cas, i ride there twice a week so it helps alot getting to ride so often

Me and my dad went on a road trip to morzine during february, just for a couple of days riding, the park was packed with punters but luckily the pipe was empty and thats where i started to really enjoy riding pipe, the british team were out there so it was good to get some tips of them and progress through the week, it gave me the confidence to enter the british halfpipe championships in laax later that year

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