a few pictures from breck..

i haven’t really got many pictures from breck but here are some i got,  the weather was bad on the day so the pictures aren’t great quality!  i will have an edit up soon so keep an eye out for that 🙂 the park in breck was so much fun, always groomed and the jumps were amazing, i was stoked to learn how to hit bigger kickers and i was working on my frontside 180’s, backside 180’s, frontside 360’s, backside 360’s, cab 180’s and also frontside 540’s. i cant wait to get back out there next season! my rail riding has also improved alot and i really learnt alot from spending three months in breckenridge, i have a couple of trips in europe planned this year, i will be heading to the dawn of the shred in scotland and also hope to compete in a few of the burton competitions this year. i will be heading back out to breckenridge at the start of 2012 to spend another 3 months there! in the meantime its back to work for me! here are a few pictures from breckenridge!


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