Subjam! Chill factore

Saturday was the return of the subjam! Charity event organized by one of my sponsors subvert boardstores to raise money for Christies charity, I was stoked to hear they doubled the money raised at last years event! It was nice to ride at chill factore for a change and as always it was great to see all my team mates 🙂 the park was fun and I spent the night working on front boards so I really enjoyed it! It was fun riding with my best friend Sophie Nicholls! Exciting news for me and her as we have finally become team mates! Hehe I’ll post pictures of the event when they get posted! Keep an eye out for an anon update this weekend 🙂 Also it’s the British indoor championships at castleford on Saturday so there will be an update from that!

Snow in Austria this week! Exciting stuff! Winters coming 🙂


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  1. Kat says:

    What team? Have I missed a news update? Spill the beanses

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