Breckenridge in 13 days!

Sooo not much has been happening! i ate alot of food & chocolate over christmas and it was good to chill out, although i did work in subvert boardstore over the christmas period and must have sold a million stunt scooters to small children!
I learnt to surf up at Flow House too, its been so much fun and while the park hasnt been out at cas i’ve been surfing instead. If you haven’t been and checked it out yet you certainly should, its great for your balance and i feel like its helped me loads šŸ™‚
We fly out to Denver airport on the 22nd of Januray and i’ve heard its snowing in Breck right now! Cant wait to get out there and ride, i’ll be posting loads of pics and videos throughout the season to keep you guys posted!

sorry there hasnt been many interesting updates over the last couple of weeks!

I have noticed i’ve gained over a thousand followers of my blogs so thank you for subscribing! Hope you all had a great new year!


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