Winter season in Mayrhofen!

Sooooo i’m going to be living in Mayrhofen for the season!

We’ve been out there for a week now and the park is so much fun!

I just found out that one of the guys from Penken park takes photo’s a couple of times a week and uploads them to the website,

not my best shot but here’s one of me in the park last week


I’m currently in Davos, Switzerland whilst Simon competes in the O’Neil Evolution. I’m going to check out the park throughout the week and then we will be heading back to hof! Life in the caravan is sweet, we have discovered that eating milka chocolate in pancakes for tea isn’t the healthiest option but it is certainly a cheap one! This season is costing so much less by living on the campsite and we are literally 5 mins from the gondola that takes you straight up to the Penken park. I’ll hopefully be updating my blog a bit more now i have stuff to write and post about! 🙂 Tchus!


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