Anon Goggles

I get quite a few questions on my blogs from people wanting to know what outerwear i ride in.

So i thought i would do a couple of mini reviews on some of the stuff i’ve been wearing this winter.

I’ve been wearing the Anon ‘Somerset’ goggles this season. And the style i went for was the ‘Cellblock’ frame with the ‘blue solex’ Lens.

goggles vain


The great thing about anon is there are so many different colour options and strap styles. I love these goggles because they are a nice big frame, purple is my favourite colour too! They fit with my r.e.d mutiny helmet (which is also purple :)) perfectly.

goggles & helmet

The Somerset goggles have a triple layer of foam around them that makes them fit really nicely on your face and also keeps out the snow and moisture. As with all Anon lenses these have an anti-fog coating too which stops them from steaming up!


Check out the Anon website and have a click through all the different styles and colour combo’s and your sure to find something you like! If your not a fan of bigger framed goggles i would recommend the ‘Majestic’ frame, these are nice simple goggles (there’s still lots of nice colours to choose from though)



I use Majestic goggles when its snowing on the mountain as they came with the ‘blue lagoon’ len’s which is yellow and perfect for those not so great weather days.


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  1. Love your hat and neck warmer! Where are those from?

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