Doing a winter season in a caravan!

When me and Simon first had the idea of driving to the mountains with a caravan a lot of people said we were crazy, and that we would freeze to death and come home straight away. Here we are 4 months later and we are perfectly fine! This summer, money was tight and going to america for the season again just wasn’t an option. also we wanted to explore europe and be able to visit a lot more places. Our caravan is parked up in Zell am Ziller, which is ten minutes drive from Mayrhofen and 5 Minutes drive to the nearest gondola.

We were lucky enough to meet the nicest man alive Gareth Rowntree, who let us borrow his caravan for the winter! I booked a spot at the campsite and it cost 1000 euros for a 6 month pitch, we also pay the electricity and gas bills at the end of the season but compared to some of our friends that have paid £6000 each to stay in a tiny apartment shared with 3 others its not a bad deal! In the caravan we have a full kitchen (something our friend don’t have) a double bed, our tv & xbox is set up we have a bathroom and everything you need to live!


The campsite is great, it has a boot/board room to store our equipment, there’s a shower & toilet block with washing machines and washing up facilities. There really is everything you need. As for the cold, it hasn’t been an issue, we leave the heating off throughout the day and whack it on when we get in. It soon heats up in here! 🙂 also the gas is hooked straight up to the caravan so theres no messing about with gas bottles. Life in the caravan has been so easy, and its lovely coming back from the mountain to your own little home. We have also stayed in Dachstein, Austria in the van and it was awesome. You can travel all over europe and still have your cosy house to stay in 🙂


When it gets to May me and Simon will be heading to the Spring break in Kaunertal Austria, and we will be taking our mountain retreat with us! 🙂


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