Nikita Sideways Sista Snowboard


So as you may have seen i’m now sponsored by Nikita! During the ‘Snowboard Spring Break’ I got to Demo all the next season Nikita boards. My Favourite snowboard is the ‘Sideways Sista’ i was really impressed with the performance of this board. Usually it takes a few laps to get used to a new board but riding the Sideways Sista i felt comfortable straight away, riding through the park it was super poppy, nice and easy to do presses on yet when i charged down to the bottom of the chairlift it still felt stable and responsive.


Its the perfect board for someone that likes park and riding piste. Also i noticed that when i tried a smaller size (143cm) the board was still stable at high speed, i chose a 143cm for riding indoors with as i like how it performs on rails. The graphics are really nice too, they match the binding colour ways nicely and also tie in really well with the 2013/14 Nikita outerwear too.

mee nikita

Being back at the indoor dome is a lot different feel to being on the mountains, especially after 5 months of constantly riding in Mayrhofen. Even so i feel like i could take this board straight from the dome to a resort and enjoy it straight away. I would recommend this board to any girl, if you the chance to demo one of these take it out for a lap! I will post some info on the upcoming Demo dates where the Nikita range will be available to demo πŸ™‚


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