Nikita ‘Meron’ Jacket

I visited London last week and i was lucky enough to have a sneak peak at next season’s outerwear selection. Here’s one of my picks from the collection :


The fit of the jacket really appealed to me as i like to ride in a bigger fitting jacket thats not just baggy and 10 sizes too big for me! Thats the good thing with Nikita, they produce really nice shape jackets just like they promise ‘for girls who ride’. I hate having elastic around the bottom of jackets because it tends to ride up your back and if you take a fall you end up with snow down your trousers! With the Meron Jacket i don’t have that problem at all.


The Powder skirt is awesome and the sleeves have a liner at the end for your thumb to go through that keeps the snow out. If your planning a trip away this winter i’d recommend treating yourself to one of these jackets, and i even wear mine to the beach on a windy day as it goes great with jeans and sneaks. The stripe pattern is really nice too, i’m going to pair this with a pair of simple coloured trousers so the jacket stands out. Look out for it online this Autumn at – Nikita


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