Penny Skateboards

During the Snowboard Spring Break I was lucky enough to get hold of a Penny Original 22″ skateboard.


The Austrian valley was the perfect place to get used to these speedy little cruisers. We we’re staying quite far out of town and it would have taken twenty minutes at least to walk to town. With the Penny cruisers you can get to places super fast with hardly any effort.


I was really impressed with how easy they are to get the hang of, I was scared of picking up too much speed at first but I soon got used to turning and controlling the board. If you want to learn to skate but are too scared to buy a skateboard straight away i’d recommend a Penny Cruiser! It will get you used to riding a board and help build your confidence so that you can feel better about learning to ride a Skateboard.I love the different colour ways you can get, you certainly need one of these in your life this summer! Just imagine cruising along the boardwalk at the beach! I take mine to Scarborough so i have plenty of room to play! check out the Penny Website


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