Salomon Lily Snowboard boots

Sooo i have been riding the Salomon Lily boots for the past few weeks and i really do love them. I always dread swapping over to new boots and i was expecting the usual painful swap over but i didn’t experience that with these boots. They felt a lot stiffer than my previous boots but the support felt amazing.


I have high arches and struggle with foot pain sometimes but the Mystic footbed in these boots eased the pain. They are the only antimicrobial footbed in snowboarding that will increase blood circulation to keep your feet snug, warm and will prevent fatigue. I love the design on the boots too, the aztec pattern ties in really well with my Nikita Outerwear and my Celtek gloves. The boots have a stiff flex so they are good for all mountain free riding but also soft enough for the park. Here’s a bit of info on the Liner – HALO 3 Liner – Designed specifically for women from the sole up, the HALO Liners guarantee the best fit, softest touch, and extra toasty warmth where women need it for all day warmth and comfort. The Halo 3 Liner features stitched 360˚ heel wrapping, adaptive calf padding, a full tongue without overlapping, and a handle and lace storage compartment. Take the opportunity to demo these boots if you get the chance and I’m sure you will feel how comfortable and supportive they are. These boots feel amazing after they have been heat moulded so if you decide to buy a pair take them straight to the shop and stand with your feet in the warm furry liners for ten minutes and it will be heaven…….


Thanks to Photography By Glen for the photo’s 🙂


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