Nikita ‘Krafla’ Pants


These are my favourite pants from the Nikita 2014 collection, they are the ‘Krafla’ Pants. The Denim effect colours are awesome! The cut of these trousers are definitely what made me choose them, they have a slightly low crotch without looking huge and baggy as they are a nice slim fit. They are super comfortable and unlike some slim fit pants they don’t get tight around your knee’s when you bend them. They are a flattering cut and fit really nicely around the waist, the Nikita shoelace belt is cute too. The pockets at the top have a zip under the magnetic flap which makes it easy to get in and out of without the worry of loosing stuff if you forget to zip your pockets up properly (something i do a lot haha) Keep an eye out for the different colour ways of these pants as there are a few different options! Check out Nikita and also look at Subvert over autumn to see some of the Nikita collection.

Photo by – Photography By Glen


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