Nikita ‘Meron’ Jacket

This is my Nikita Meron jacket, i love the colours of this jacket it goes really well with the selection of trousers in the Nikita 2013/14 line. I always like to be comfortable when i’m riding and i don’t like jackets that restrict movement. The Meron jacket doesn’t restrict your movement and the nice long fit of the jacket is perfect for keeping warm.


It is equipped with a removable powder skirt so you don’t have to worry on a powder day either. There is no shortage of pockets on this jacket either, (you can never have too many pockets haha) there is even a pocket with a goggle wipe attached to it and an audio pocket so you can keep your iPod snug and keep your headphone wires out of the way. For the tech side of things the Meron is 10k waterproof and 8k breathability.  Keep an eye out for pieces of the Nikita collection appearing in Subvert Boardstores at Manchester & Castleford.


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