Summer activities!

So I haven’t been snowboarding much lately, surprisingly we have actually had some nice weather this summer in England! To make the most of the warm weather I decided to take up Wakeboarding.IMG_9341

I work at Flow House at Xscape Yorkshire and a big group of us from work all went to Rother Valley in Sheffield to learn how to wakeboard. It was scorching hot and everyone had smiles on their faces all day long, even after some nasty falls! I really enjoyed learning a new sport and I felt like my snowboard board background helped a little but even so it was a challenge. Having a new challenge made it exciting though and I went back the following week to give it another go! my arms ached soooooo bad afterwards! The lake at Rother Valley is beautiful and we camped out there for the night which was really nice. In the morning we all went for a cruise on our Penny Skateboards.20130806-124141-PM.jpg

At first it took me a while to get used to my penny and how to control it but after some time (and some nice smooth paths) i have learnt how to carve on it and its super fun. The guys at Subvert even grip taped it for me so it looks sweet now 🙂 If you haven’t tried wake boarding yet I would definitely recommend it to you, it’s fun and it’s nice to be in the water when its warm outside! Another watersport that i’m really into right now is Flowboarding.IMG_9580

I’m lucky that I work in such a cool environment, recently at work everyone has been putting time into practising for the upcoming European Flowboard Championships that are being held at Castleford. We ride after hours and spend ages trying to learn new tricks. Its such a great sport because the risk of injury is pretty low, unlike real surfing you can just jump straight back in if you fall and also the bouncy landing makes it less scary to push yourself to try new tricks. If you can make it to the event its on the 31st of August at Xscape castleford – there will even be a tie dye workshop so you should come along even if you just want to watch and make a sweet tie dye t-shirt 🙂 i thought I would update you all on my summer activities, even though I haven’t been snowboarding much I am still going to keep posting product reviews and photo’s from events etc

Faye x


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