Celtek Calypso Mittens

Celtek have released a super nice lineup of gloves and mittens for the upcoming season. It’s still sunny here in England but i’m already planning for Winter! In my suitcase everywhere i go will be my Celtek Calypso Mittens…


These super cute textured leather mittens feel amazing! I’ve known people that have had horribly soggy leather mittens/gloves that haven’t held up well at all but these Calypso’s are brilliant quality.


The liner in these are waterproof and the soft acrylic cuff will keep the snow away from your hands. i always choose mitts over gloves because they keep your hands real toasty. The fine detail on these is awesome, they will go with pretty much anything you put them with and are sure to make your friends jealous. I especially love the cute little buttons on the sides.


Check them out at the Celtek website. The Calypso mittens come in 3 different colourways so be sure to have a look at them all before you decide. I’ve been wearing these in the dome during the summer and they have not gone soggy once (even when i’m silly and leave them scrunched up inside my helmet for a week haha)

detail mitt


Put these babys on your winter shopping list nowwwww! šŸ™‚



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