European FLOW Championships


At Flow House where i work during the summer we hosted the European championships for Flowboarding & Bodyboarding. If you haven’t heard of Flowboarding before it’s somewhere in-between wakeboarding, skating, surfing & snowboarding. It’s a unique sport and also quite unknown. That doesn’t stop people travelling the world and competing in it though 🙂 It’s perfect for helping your balance and core strength. I particularly like the fact that the landing is quite cushioned which means you don’t have to worry too much about taking a fall because you just bounce back up and get washed to the top! The turnout of girls at the event was awesome to see, even the younger girls took part in the main Women’s event to try and win flights to America and entry into the World Championships.


I met a girl called Leanna Crowley at the event and she really is amazing at Flowboarding . She can land shut-its, kickflips and all sorts of other tricks. The tricks you can do on a Flowboard are very skateboard orientated, because your feet aren’t attached to the board you have to freedom to do flip and spin tricks with the board. Leanna was really inspirational to watch, i practise in my free time but never really have any girls to look up to which is why i enjoyed the competition so much because it brought everyone together.


Millie Clark is from Bedford, she also rode really well in the comp and won herself some Nikita goodies! The finals for the Women’ was fun to watch, everyone supported each other and even if someone fell during a run, one of the other girls would throw them their board so they could jump straight back in. (the competition runs in the heats are 50 seconds long so you don’t have long to impress the judges!)


I was stoked to be involved with organising the event as i wanted to give the girls a reason to keep progressing and come back to the next event! Nikita, Protest & Nalu beads were happy to support the girls and provided us with some awesome prizes! My friend Josey took some photo’s on the wave which i have used on my blog – look her up on facebook – Josey Leetham Photography



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