Rocket Dog ‘Satire’ boots

I woke up this morning to see gloomy grey sky and drizzly rain, most people don’t like this weather but for me it get’s me excited for winter! I go straight to all my cosy winter clothes, knitted leggings, super long hoodies and wooly hats! I recently got a pair of Rocket Dog Satire Boots



These are really nice comfy boots, i never normally wear shoes with a heel but these are the perfect height and i don’t feel like i’m clunking around in them (i’m not very good with heels haha) I love the brown colour of the boots and the detail with the straps is a really nice touch



Have a look on the Rocket Dog website, they have some really nice boots on there and you know you need a fresh pair of boots for autumn/winter πŸ˜‰


One Comment Add yours

  1. beth says:

    these are the ones I wanted 😦 wish you had tiny feet like me so I could steal them 😦 beth x

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