Salomon Lily Snowboard Boots

This season i loveee the prints that Salomon, Celtek & Nikita have incorporated into their products. The boots i’ve ben wearing all summer are the Salomon Lily’s. I did a short review on these boots a couple of months ago but i’ve taken some more photo’s of them to show my favourite parts!



These boots are perfect for freestyle riders, the level of support is awesome and they have some really cool features –

RELIEF THROUGH REFLEXOLOGY: The only antimicrobial footbed in snowboarding that increases blood circulation, prevents fatigue and embodies natural healing from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. Better smelling feet are one step away with Mystic’s Bamboo based anti-microbial powers.



The pink furry lining is SOOO comfy too! – Designed specifically for women from the sole up, the HALO Liners guarantee the best fit, softest touch, and extra toasty warmth where women need it, in two exclusive levels. All day warmth and comfort, for women’s feet. The colours on the Lily’s match perfectly with my Nikita Sideways Sista board and my Ninja bindings.

boots & glove


Even better they also match my Celtek Neptune gloves too!

Check them out on the Salomon website and also keep an eye out for the Demo events around the UK in the next couple of months where you can test out a pari for yourself! 🙂


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