Subvert Subjam at Chillfactore Manchester


On Saturday night Subvert Boardstore in Manchester hosted the ‘Subjam’ charity event. On the slope they had a fun park setup and held ‘Analog go huck yourself’ competition where unsponsored riders had the chance to win some goodies during a 45 minute jam session. Throughout the night everyone involved donated money to Christies cancer hospital Manchester. The turnout was great and lots of money was raised throughout the night. The legendary Subvert raffle took place later on in the night and there were endless amounts of prizes to be won!


Snowboards, binding, boots, coats, googles, hoodies, hats, headphones…. and loooooads more.


Me and Sophie Nicholls were there with the Nikita demo tent to let the ladies try out a few of the boards and bindings.


Overall it was a really fun night and it was for a great cause too so it was nice to see such a massive turnout. If you missed the event this year make sure you mark it on your calendar for next year because it’s a night you should not miss!


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