TSA big bang show – Tamworth Snowdome

Last weekend on the 28th of October me and Sophie Nicholls headed down to Tamworth snowdome to set up the Nikita tent alongside all of the other snowboard brands that were there.



We setup snowboards for women to test out on the slope and the response we got from them was awesome. Everyone came back to us with a huge grin on their face!


Later in the afternoon Definition snowboard camps ran a Nikita coaching session for 2 hours and with expert coaching from Krysten Franzmann all of the girls progressed loads.


Me and Sophie were on hand to help out and i managed to take a few photo’s – due to the crazy carnage on the busiest slope i’ve ever seen in my life my pictures aren’t that great! 30 people trying to hit a box was not ideal for the girls to practice on the features but none of them complained they just got on with things!


If you would like to demo our range of Nikita snowboards and bindings then make sure you come and see us at Snow Factor in Braehead, Scotland tomorrow between 10am-6pm. If your can’t make it that stop we will be at SnoZone Castleford on the 12th of October and also at SnoZone Milton Keynes on the 19th of October. The coaching sessions will be running at all of the stops too 🙂



This is Mia – one of the younger girls that took part in the Nikita session, she was spinning 540’s on this box and showing up the pro’s! It was so nice to see such a mixed age range of girls taking part, we had girls from 6-46 and it made it a really fun relaxed session 🙂


Cerys Allen & Helen Pigka were also amazing coaches for the girls, they gave everyone in the group confidence to try stuff, half of the group had never even hit a box or rail before so they left the slope feeling proud of themselves.



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