Snow Factor Braehead – TSA Big Bang Snowboard demo

This weekend we headed for Glasgow in Scotland for the 2nd leg of the TSA Big bang tour. The morning started out really quiet and we were worried that nobody would turn up to demo the snowboards but all of a sudden we were bombarded with super keen girls that wanted to test out the Nikita and Salomon snowboards that we had set up in the demo tent.


It was great to see so many girls turn up to the event and we actually had more girls demoing boards than guys!!

At 2pm the Nikita coaching session started out on the slope. We had 9 girls in the group and most of them were beginners, everyone progressed really well on the session and came off the slope smiling!

girlsWith awesome coaching from Kate Andrews the girls all felt super confident with their riding and learnt ollies & back 180’s.

kateCatch us next week at Xscape, Castleford where you can demo all the boards and take part in the Nikita coaching session out on the slope 2-4pm! 🙂


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