The final Big Bang snowboard show event!

On Saturday Xscape at Milton Keynes hosted the last stop of the Big Bang Snowboard Tour. After an early start setting up the tents we had chance to relax as the slope was mainly full of kids on sledges and people on ski and snowboard lessons. It got busier in the afternoon though and plenty of snowboards got taken out onto the slope for demo’s.Β nikita loveThe lovely Krysten from Definition snow camps was on hand to coach the girls in the afternoon and with a group of ten lovely ladies it was a fun session. Despite the kicker being a difficult one to learn on the girls all did really well and were taking on Krysten’s expert advice perfectly.

krys teaching

It’s been a lot of fun touring around the country and meeting loads of new people, i certainly feel more excited for winter since i’ve been out on the slope more so i can’t wait to get back out to Austria. If you missed out on any of the demo stops, don’t worry you can still test out snowboards from Ellis Brigham so just go in and speak to them about the type of board your interested in πŸ™‚


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