ISPO Munich – My favourite picks from the SPY 2015 winter collection

This week I spent a day at the ISPO trade show in Munich. First up I visited SPY optic and I fell in love with the new collection. The frame i’ve been wearing this season is the ‘Marshall’. They are great because the frame is not too big and not too small, it’s the perfect size. The colours and designs for 2015 are epic. My favourite out of all of them is the ‘Cosmic Mayhem’

SPY Marshall frame in ‘Cosmic Mayhem’ with the Dark Blue Spectra Happy Lens – marshall cosmic - happy lensNext winter the Marshall will feature the ‘Happy Lens’ which is SPY’s colour and contrast enhancing technology that maximises the transmission of the sun’s ‘good’ rays making you see better and feel better.marshall cosmic mayhem back Also to make life easier they have introduce a clip release strap which means once you have adjusted them to the size you want you never have to change it, you simply unclip it at the back.

SPY Marshall frame in Wild & Free with Bronze/Light Blue Spectra Lens – marshall - wild & free 2 These also stood out to me, i love the eye-catching pattern and the colours too. Another great thing is the SPY logo on the strap, they always add nice detail to the goggles.

Bravo in ‘Tokyo Rose’ with Pink Spectra Lens – Bravo - tokyo rose

The Bravo is a new frame for 2015, its a midsize goggle which features the ‘Lock steady’ lens change system, it’s super quick and easy and most importantly leaves your lens fingerprint free when swapping them over. The Bravo comes with a bonus lens too so you have the option to swap around as the weather changes. It also features the clip release strap too to save you even more time! Bravo - tokyo rose back

Discord ‘Cosmic Sunrise’ – 

discord - afterglo pinkI also had a quick look at the new sunglasses, my favourite frame is the ‘Discord’ and they have a new colour way that is part of the ‘Afterglo’ collection which is a series of glasses with matte pop colours and dazzling Spectra mirrored lenses.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek of the new SPY products, keep checking back here to see more of my snaps from ISPO!

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