ISPO Munich – Nikita Snowboards 2014/2015

Nikita Chickita 2014/2015 Nikita chickitaI was surprised that such an awesome board in the powder could also be easy to press and ollie in the park too. It’s a great balance with the pressure rocker that helps your nose float through the powdery stuff and the Aspen strong core that gives your ollies that extra snap in the park.

Nikita Sideways Sista 2014/2015 –

Nikita sideways sistaThe Sideways Sista is my favourite from the collection! This board is built for the park and back yard jib sessions. Featuring the easy press core for stability between the feet yet a softer nose and tail for effortless pressing. The graphics are from the same designer as this years model and her style is sweet and geometric, my favourite is the bear on the 143cm board.

Nikita Expression 2014/2015 – Next winter you will see a new Nikita snowboard model called the ‘Expression’. This board is another all-mountain freestyle dream machine. Nikita seem to be producing some epic boards that slay in the park but also hold there own on piste and in powder too which is really important if you like to mix up your riding without switching boards. Nikita expressionIt features the ‘popster core’ for higher ollies and easy presses. With camber between your feet and rocker at the tip and tail you’ll be locking into nice smooth turns all day long. The royal rubber pads under your feet cushion impact too making your ride feel comfortable and floaty. The graphics on this board are a result of a collaboration with swedish musician ‘Sin Fang’ who also did a collab with Alien Workshape skateboards. The final artwork certainly has a bit of attitude to it.


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