ISPO Munich – Salomon & Nikita Snowboard Boots 2015

salomon bootThese are my favourite boots from the Salomon & Nikita boot collection, this is the first year that Nikita have produced boots so for their first year i think they have done really well check out the Sideway Sista boot.

NIKITA SIDEWAYS SISTA – Nikita sideways sista bootsWith a traditional lace system and the awesome ‘STR8TJKT’ (an inner lace system that tightens nice and snug around your ankles to stop heel lift) these boots are a nice simple choice and they look the part too.

SALOMON LILY – salomon lily boa Next up is the Salomon Lily boots, in a black with a cheeky bit of leopard print! With the focus double boa system these tighten really nicely in all the right places, the second boa makes sure your ankles are nice and secure meaning no heel lift either. A flex rating of 6 also means these are a good all round boot that are not too stiff but still give you all the support that you need.

SALMON IVY – ivy boaThe Salomon Ivy Boa boots are a slightly softer boot that the Lily’s but they come with the legendary ‘STR8TJKT’ system i mentioned early, providing really comfortable support around your ankles and massively reducing heel lift. After trying these out i would certainly recommend these as one of the best boots out there for girls.


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