Brits on board video – My season in Mayrhofen

At the end of the Winter season my friend Hannah Bailey from Neon Stash came to do a bit of filming and see what I was up to, here’s what she came up with!

Sorry about my extremely Yorkshire accent I had no idea I sounded like that! Working as part of the Shaper team in Penken park was awesome, I learnt a lot about how things are built and what goes on behind the scenes. Loooooong night shifts to get courses ready for competitions were hard work but super rewarding! 🙂 If you want to be a park shaper just keep in mind that if the mountain gets a huge dumping of snow that means you will mostly likely end up digging features out in the park all day. On the bright side you do get first chair which means your the first person all morning to take a run through it 😉 Lifting heavy rails and digging for hours means a good set of guns are also required, if you don’t have them already you will do at the end of the season!


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