Christmas gift ideas for your snowboarding girlfriend 2014/2015

So last year I gave you a list of gift idea’s for the snowboarding lady in your life and here’s my updated list for this christmas! I’ve added links to make it easier to find the different products.

Spy Bravo Goggles – 


Now these goggles are very girly so they may not be to everyones taste, The good thing about spy is they always have lots of different patterns & colours for their goggles so take a look at the other options. Personally this is my favourite frame, it is a little bigger than the marshall frame without being ridiculously oversized. spy locksteadySpy introduced the ‘steady lock’ lens change system to this frame which makes swapping lenses so easy you could so it with your eyes closed. This makes life a whole lot easier and means you don’t have to ask your boyfriend for help switching lenses. Spy even throw in a bonus mirrored lens so your covered for all weather conditions when your on the mountain. IMG_3061

Another great feature is the clip on the strap, you can adjust the strap to the perfect size and every time you want to take them off just unclip them. When you go to put them back on you don’t have to fiddle around getting them to the right size again. Subvert Boardstore are a Spy stockist so pay them a visit and help support your local 🙂

Celtek Maya Mittens – IMG_3068

These are quite possibly the cutest mittens on the planet. If your girlfriend is a sucker for cute fluffy animal pictures then she will love these! The good thing about these mittens is they aren’t as thick and bulky as most, if you ride indoor domes a lot these will be brilliant for you. These mitts have Stormdry tech and Superloft insulation meaning your hands will stay dry and toasty all day long. IMG_3070

Pretty much all Celtek gloves come with these handy wrist straps that stop you from dropping your mitts off the chairlift while you take a selfie. You can buy these cuties here at Subvert Boardstore

Rocket Dog Boots – IMG_2723_FotorReceiving a nice pair of cosy boots at christmas is always going to be a winner. Even if your girlfriend is not the type to buy shoes herself that means it will be a nice treat for her to get a pair of good looking boots to wear over winter. These are the Camilla boots, they are easy to slip on and comfy to walk around in.

Rocket Dog Satire Burnie Boots in BurgundyThese satire boots are a little bit more girly and the burgundy colour is gorgeous, with a suede finish and a small heel these are a great pair of boots.

IMG_2867The slope boots are the ultimate cosy winter boots, they are suede on the outside and have a lovely faux shearling lining (feels like sheepskin). The full length zip makes it really easy to slip these on and off. If you want warm feet this winter these are the perfect choice.

IMG_3046The Lawrence boots are really good looking but super practical. Being practical doesn’t have to be boring! With a nice little roll over cuff with plaid lining it adds a bit of charm to these versatile utility boots. Rocket dog have just started their christmas promotion sales so keep an eye out for some good bargains! Some of the boots are at 50% off today!

Celtek Hadley Facemask –IMG_3074

This is nice a slim and fits nicely around your face without being too tight. The fleece lining inside is really soft against your skin too.20435-celtek-com-images-Snowboard-Facemask-Celtek-Hadley-Kimura-Womens

Nikita Brave Jacket – IMG_3059

If your wanting to go all out and buy outerwear for christmas this jacket is a good choice. The nice thing about Nikita jackets is they are a little bit longer fitting which is nice because it keeps you warm and stops snow going down your pants if you bail! This jacket has a 10K waterproof rating and is fully insulated, also the sherpa lining is the softest material on the planet. There are all the usual features like detachable powder skirt, media pocket, goggle pocket etc too. Shop local and then you can exchange if the size is wrong or if she wants to swap it, The guys at Subvert Boardstore are very understanding when it comes to christmas returns and will swap it for something else no problem

Spy Beachwood Sunglasses – IMG_3082

Sunglasses are pretty much a winner in my eyes, of course it will be difficult if your not sure what style of glasses suit your other half. This frame however is pretty versatile and I think it will suit most people.IMG_3081

The quality of the lenses that Spy make is incredible, I wear these on the mountain in strong sunlight and my vision is perfect. If your lucky enough to get the Happy Lens its even better, everything you see is so crisp and sharp and if you want to get geeky read about the science behind the ‘Happy’ theory. These glasses actually lift your mood and make you feel more positive! 🙂 IMG_3078

Nikita Vixen Crew –prod_12196Nikita have some lovely crewneck jumpers like this Vixen one, which would make a perfect gift as it’s nice and christmasy! It’s really cosy and also available in a Wine colour. Subvert have a sale on some of the Nikita jumpers so grab a bargain while they have stock 😉 Also the Revolution crew is a nice one featuring this little guy mr owlIMG_2732

Pandora Rings – 

IMG_2740I have been lucky enough to receive Pandora rings for my birthday from my lovely parents and they are gorgeous. The great thing about Pandora is they have some stunning but easy to wear pieces of jewellery. Both the rings above are really comfortable to wear, they don’t have parts sticking out of them so you won’t catch them on anything and this makes them really nice to wear everyday even to work. The one on the right is called the Braided Pave ring and the one on the left is the Feather Ring. Have a browse through the full collection and I’m positive you will find something your girlfriend will like. Even tomboys like me enjoy girly treats every now and then so surprise your other half with something she wouldn’t expect.

Nikita Ninja Bindings – IMG_3085The Nikita Ninja bindings are a nice looking pair of bindings with great performance. For £124.99 you can’t really go wrong either, they are super lightweight yet feel sturdy and responsive. The straps are comfortable and you don’t need a tool to adjust them which is really handy. IMG_3095The white & black is a great combo but you can get these in turquoise & pink too :ninja

These are available to buy from Subvert Boardstore! For size reference the Small = UK3-6 Medium = UK6.5-9

I hope this has given you some inspiration! If you have any questions or need advice with anything feel free to comment! 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Evelyn says:

    Omg, they are so lovely! I might write a post like this if you don’t mind! Gonna link back to you ofcourse! Mentioned you in my footer as well: boardsports blogs ❤

    1. fayeyoung says:

      Aw thanks for putting me in your footer! Yes you should do a post like this, I would love to see your gift idea’s ❤

  2. Nikita says:

    What store was pictured with the Nikita jacket?? I’m trying to find the snowboard in the background even though it’s out of season.

    1. fayeyoung says:

      The board on the far right is a 2014/15 Nikita Chickita and the one next to it is a Nikita Sideway Sista. Hope this helps 😊

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