Obviously you are going to pack your snowboard/ski’s, boots, gloves, goggles etc but here’s a few you things you might forget when deciding what to pack for your trip.

Things you should pack

Hoodies –733885_10200992493112850_1260202837_n

Pack at least 2 hoodies, you will probably end up living in a hoody for the whole trip. Hoody & jeans is pretty much the standard dress code for girls and guys. Yes even in the clubs a hoody is perfectly acceptable attire.

Socks –046909bc9d6cdba7244e75e350539de7

Double up on socks, take more than you think you will need. Chances are you will end up with soggy snowboard socks on more than one occasion. Walking through the snowy streets in your trainers will also result in soggy feet so you will be glad you brought extra’s with you.

Hats –  42c8353fcd9e3c32e8a2f164b3984533

You might want to bring a selection on hats with you, reason being you will wear one on the slopes all day and then return home to reveal the dreaded hat hair. Best solution – put on a different hat to cover it up.

Thermals – 1461105_10152908795771974_7594782466785417636_n

I don’t know why but it seems like girls end up being colder than guys, maybe i’m just a wimp but it’s good to layer up on the extra cold days. There is a fine line with layering though, once you start riding through the powder you start to get really hot so don’t go overboard if you think your going to be putting a lot of turns in.

Bikini – ab65c935ecdfbc69377f015c5b4006f3

This is always something that gets easily forgotten but if your staying in a chalet or hotel chances are there will be a hot tub or swimming pool and you’ll wish you thought ahead and packed a bikini. Even if your going away on a season you should take one, down days can be spent at the local swimming pool/sauna.

Lip Balm – 3856

Take a really good lip balm like Blistex or Carmex, nothing can prepare your poor lips for the harsh cold but if you keep them covered you can prevent some serious chapped lips. Not a good look. Lush do an amazing lip balm called ‘Honey Trap‘ and it honestly is a life saver it moisturises, soothes & protects your lips and it smells awesome.

Suncream – 30e2c3eec9586582595fac882af9750c

Even if your going away in January, take some anyway! When you think it’s cloudy you can still catch the sun on your face so pop on some cream that’s at least factor 15 every morning just to give you a bit of protection, you never know when the sun might pop out.

Things you maybe shouldn’t pack

Heels – c26fd7e9e507e66bbb84ec1b81103834

Snow + heels = disaster.

Yes the paths get cleared in resorts but there is always going to be a sly patch of ice that you won’t notice until it’s too late. Wearing heels in a ski resort will attract some strange looks too, however sensible heeled boots you could probably get away with..

Expensive jacket – ecd1259b26c3b193663990983e327a8c

That £100 Topshop coat you treated yourself to.. yeah leave that at home or only wear it out to restaurants. If you wear it out to a club and it goes walk about your going to be very upset. Not a smoker? Remember it’s still legal to smoke indoors in some countries and if you hate smoky smelling clothes it’s best to avoid wearing your favourite coat to the pub.

Dresses – c32e5032a9099c8ee527a8d8f65abe94

When packing you will think it’s a great idea and maybe you could get away with wearing one indoors, maybe if you brave and wear one outside with tights then fair play but if you start to get numb legs it’s time to retreat to your hotel.

You can pack whatever you want really, my friend is leaving for the season and has packed fairy lights & a pink polka dot blanket which I would agree are essentials! Whatever makes you feel comfortable pack it. There’s no set rules but I hope you find this helpful in some way 🙂


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