10 best mountain hot tubs

1 – Americans.. They know how to make the best hot tubs!c4dff5b329ad7090a257aeaadcb9f067

2 – Hot tubs with a view are always going to be a winner.. 
tumblr_ngb4pbFbcH1sulnzno1_500 3 –  Big enough to swim in so this is probably classed as a pool but who cares, it looks rad.ba34bb722281a50dc78852f81cacce854 –  This one eliminates the whole ‘running through snow to get to the tub’ process but isn’t that part of the fun? 961a0b568cd54d21f01a1993a7a886035 –  When you need a bit of privacy, why not just build a huge ice fort for your hot tub to go in.5680bc76d6c2e536207f8ca896775691

6 – Yep, this is what it looks like behind the fancy 5* hotel you walk past everyday to get to the skibus stop.


7 – When the hot tub gets too crowded there’s always the outdoor heated pool with a view of the slopes..


8 –  You don’t necessarily need a mountain view to enjoy a snowy hot tub.


9 –  Mountain & Lake view.. nicely done.


10 – Hot tubs are the perfect place to relax, have a good gossip with your mates and help your legs feel better after a long day on the mountain.



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