5 reasons you should snowboard with other girls

1 – Chairlift banter 1010175_10154945488425416_3904688432499070209_n

Chairlifts can be long and boring but it’s a lot better if you have your girl friends sat next to you. You can do impressions of stupid YouTube videos and sing along to Taylor Swift without being judged. Sometimes lift conversations can be a little inappropriate  for guys to be hearing,  there’s no chance of anyone overhearing you when your half sat on the chairlift.

2 – You don’t have to worry about falling over 1508626_10153950125420416_954828598_n

Yes girls will still laugh at you falling over but mostly you won’t feel intimidated and let it put you off trying again. Sorry Jordan I had to use this photo 😉

3 – Girls take lots of photo’s on the moutain 

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Girls always seem to take more photo’s on the mountain (probably because we never let our phones out of sights so we always have something to take photo’s with) Oh and selfies – girls are a lot happier to take part in chairlift selfies than guys.

4 – Girls look out for each other IMG_4203

When someone in the group wants to just slow down a little and mess around nobody argues about it. Riding in a group of girls is about making everyone feel like they are on the same level and not letting anyone feel left out. Looking out for each other can also just mean telling someone that they have a serious panda eye mascara situation going on or that they have a huge goggle gap appearing.

5 – Riding with lads is good fun too though!IMG_4212

When your on the mountain usually there is a lot more guys than girls. It’s just as much fun to shred with the boys. They aren’t that mean really! In fact they do a brilliant job of looking out for you too and cheering you on when you try something new. You should spend your time with lads, just don’t forget about the girls, they are out there somewhere!

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