Staying Motivated During The Winter Season

IMG_4201Now if you haven’t spent the whole season in a mountain resort you might find this hard to understand. At first I thought it was just me who felt this way but after speaking to my friends I realised it’s quite a common thing. Being surrounded by beautiful mountains yet waking up and not feeling motivated to ride at all. Even when you make it up to the park it can be hard to push yourself to get going and learn something new. When you are living in a resort all winter it’s easy to say ‘it’s ok i’ll try that tomorrow’ or ‘i’ll wait for a better weather day’ and then you never end up pushing yourself out of you comfort zone. There could be lots of different reasons, you could be working loads and be tired, stressed out about money, worried that everyone is watching you ride etc. The only person that can make it better is YOU! You are living in a beautiful place and you won’t be here forever so make the most of it! IMG_1629

Now some people don’t like the idea of setting goals, I must admit I don’t find it that helpful setting them because I feel like it puts pressure on me. The way I have got around this is just by saying ‘today I will try at least 1 new thing’. That way there is minimal pressure to learn loads of new things but after you do try that one thing hopefully it will put you in a good positive mood and make you keep trying new things. Just remember how good it feels to land something new for the first time and how stoked you are to tell your friends. You should always strive to get that feeling, no matter how small or easy the trick is you should be proud and give yourself some credit. Invite the other girls from the resort for a girls day on the mountain, then you can all just relax and help each other try new things without being intimidated. I thought I would write this post because I have been finding it way too easy to say no to trying new things, or even doing things I know I can already do which is stupid. I found myself a good upbeat happy album to listen to on my iPod and just stopped listening to the voice in my head saying no all the time, It’s stupid to spend all your time worrying about what other people think of you. IMG_4139

  • Say YES more
  • Don’t be afraid of what other people think about you
  • It’s OK to fall over.. it means you are pushing yourself and that’s GOOD
  • Set yourself mini goals & celebrate when you accomplish them
  • Grab the girls and go ride, they might be feeling the same as you!
  •  Stop talking yourself out of things you want to do
  • Just have FUN, be relaxed and enjoy your time on the mountain
  • Make a playlist on your iPod that will put you in a good mood
  • Remind yourself how lucky you are to be here
  • Look back at old photo’s and video’s and remind yourself you are capable of more than you think!

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I hope this blog post was helpful in some way! I don’t usually write about things like this but me and my girl friends here in Mayrhofen have been feeling a bit off it lately and it’s time for us to just man up and start having some fun!


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