Girl Seasonaire’s – Caroline Larsson

image-3So this week I got in touch with some of the girls that live in Mayrhofen. I wanted to have a chat with them and get some different views on what it’s like to spend a winter season abroad and find out more about the girls scene here. Throughout the post’s I will talk to the girls about their work, where they live and their snowboarding. Each post I will be chatting to a different girl, some that work a lot, some that are here to progress in the park and some that are complete beginners. Hopefully this will give you an insight into what it’s like to live in a resort for the season and maybe even give you inspiration to go travelling yourself!10940446_10155092540310582_4244025053611649816_n

First up is Caroline Larsson, this winter will be her 3rd season living in Mayrhofen so she knows the place really well now. The tiny swede has great style both with her riding and her clothes – I think she has a slight addiction to buying snowboard jackets! You will always see Caroline up the mountain with a smile on her face, she’s happy to just shred with the girls and make the most of the season.

Girls day in the park

So lets get started! 

Do you snowboard with other girls?

I am always riding with other girls, it’s so much fun and I feel like we always push each other to progress which is super nice.

Caroline getting fresh tracks!
Getting fresh tracks!

Park, Powder or Piste riding?

Actually, I enjoy all three of them. Park days are sweet, and not much can beat a sunny powder day. But sometimes it’s just nice to play around in the piste.

How often do you go snowboarding?

Almost every day. Only days i’m not riding is when the weather is sh*t!

Penken Powder Day!

How long have you been snowboarding for? 

 I started snowboarding when I was around 10 years old but I switched completely to snowboard when I was 14, so that’s 11 years, more or less.

Where do you work and do you enjoy it?

I am working in the restaurant at one of the big hotels. I do not really enjoy it since it isn’t the job I originally got offered, but it’s okay and it’s only 4 hours a day which allows me to ride pretty much the whole days.

Caroline & Kate's Room
Caroline & Kate’s Room

Where do you live and who with?

I share a room in the hotel’s staff accommodation with my schnitzels, Kate and Emma.

What made you do a winter season?

Well, winter is my favorite season of the year and I love snowboarding. So what could be more perfect than go to a place where you will have snow for minimum 5 months and where you can actually ride every day?

Kate & Caroline with their favourite cereal
Kate & Caroline with their favourite cereal

Where is your favourite place that you been to?

Mayrhofen is definitely one of my favorite places i’ve been too. I guess that’s why I keep going back every winter haha. It’s a really nice village, not too small and not too exploited yet. The vibe here among the seasonaires are really good, which i think makes Mayrhofen a pretty pleasant place to be. It’s also not too posh, and I like that. But I would also say the Alps in general is my favorite place, because it’s just such a beautiful place to be, summer and winter.

Caroline's board collection
Caroline’s board collection

Why did you choose Mayrhofen for the season?

It’s pretty funny actually. I had been looking in to other resorts in Austria but then I saw a video from a few guys who had done a season here, and I got such a good vibe from it that I pretty much felt like ”damn, I NEED to go there!” And here I am, for the third time!

Thanks so much for the interview Caroline! ❤

Keep an eye out for the next interview with Kate Currie! 🙂


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