Girl Seasonaire’s – Kate Currie


Next up I had a chat with Kate Currie from Scotland. She is super fit as she is just as passionate about the gym as she is about snowboarding! This girl can take a bad bail and just brush it off like it’s nothing, she never likes to end a day on a bad note and is always super positive and keen to learn new things. 10917389_641033434595_259375006673814003_n

Where do you work and do you enjoy it?

The Strass Hotel, Glass collecting. HMMM nope but its a good laugh with the girls at times and means i can snowboard all day everyday!

10930891_10155078713465582_1009210363266905071_nWhere do you live and who with?

I live in the Strass Haus with the swedish meatballs Caroline and Emma

How long have you been snowboarding for?

only for about 4 years

1901964_10152063189763521_540634078_n-2What made you do a winter season?

Initially, I was in my 3rd year of uni and not really enjoying it so just made the decision to quit and go do something that i enojoy which is travelling and snowboarding.

How often do you go snowboarding?

Id love to say everyday but maybe about 4/5 times a week. 6 if the weather is super good and i can work on my goggle tan!

1795794_665549883488881_802238887_oDo you ride with other girls?

Yess, got a super good crew this year, all push and help each other and feel super comfortable riding with each other which is important!

Park, Powder or Piste riding?

A mixture of both! Park days, powder days and Punter eurocarving days

541605_10154969332725582_8721632173814330348_n-2Where is your favourite place that you been to?

New Zealand Snow Park before it closed

Why did you choose Mayrhofen for the season?

I’d heard good things, it seemed a bit more tame than St Anton but still super chilled.

Thanks Kate! xx


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