Girl Seasonaire’s – Polly Baker

photo-3Polly Baker is really fun to snowboard with, she is always up for some park laps and is one of the few people that actually pushes me to improve my riding. This summer I saw her killing it on a wakeboard at the New Forest Water Park where she worked. Now she’s back in Mayrhofen for another Winter season and here’s what she’s been up to! Sometime’s Polly hosts the Pub Quiz & Beer Pong nights at the Gasthof Zillertal too and she will bully you into doing karaoke 😉

10806256_10205453387032410_4176628974615260291_n-cropWhere do you work and do you enjoy it?

I work at an Apres Ski bar at the bottom of the hill. It’s not riveting work and you have to put up with some terrible tunes but the hours are really good, I never start before 3pm so I can get some good time on the hill.

Where do you live and who with?

I live with my boyfriend in a small studio apartment. It is bang in the centre of town, opposite the lift station – ideal!

Photo by Gustav Ohlsson
Photo by Gustav Ohlsson

What made you do a winter season?

It was a fluke. I was supposed to be going from 6th Form straight to University, but I missed a grade by a few marks and had to retake a module and defer a year. I applied through all the usual ski company channels and did my first season with Crystal in a tiny Italian resort called Claviere. It was a connecting resort the year of the Turin Olympics, so I ended up seeing loads of sick stuff. I was a skier back then, but after a couple of months picked up a snowboard and never looked back.

BS1 photo by Gustav Ohlsson

How long have you been snowboarding for?

I was 18 when I started on my first season. So over 9 years now. This is my 7th full winter season.

How often do you go snowboarding?

I’d like to say as often as I can. But after doing so many seasons and having working hours that don’t interfere you can become a bit of a fair-weather rider! So you might catch me having a lazy one if there’s flat-light or high wind.

10947212_10153121180341742_1634478284110486356_nDo you ride with other girls?

Sometimes. There are quite a few girls in Mayrhofen who are hyped on getting better in the park which is cool. It can be a good environment to encourage and push one another to try stuff. But I also really enjoy riding with guys. My good friend Charlie is sick to ride with, he is a good judge of ability and knows when to bully you into hitting a new feature or dropping a cliff. I don’t necessarily think it is about gender, more about surrounding yourself with good people that you trust and admire.

Park, Powder or Piste riding?

Depends on the weather. I like a good piste charge in the morning to warm up before heading to the park. But if there is fresh snow on the ground I’ll definitely be heading off to find some powder!

1394226_10151692809126603_1890961132_nWhere is your favourite place that you been to?

I think Mayrhofen is my favourite place to do a season, it has a good variety of terrain, lots of parks, and you can ride October through to May. But one of my favourite parks to ride is Folgefonna in Norway. I’ve had some really good times there.

Why did you choose Mayrhofen for the season?

I’d done 3 back to back seasons in Morzine and fancied a change. I had always heard good things about Mayrhofen. Some other friends were keen too, so we just got a little group together and rented an apartment. It turned out to be a good choice!

Thanks Polly! x


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