ISPO 2015 – Celtek Women’s

Celtek Maya Mitten – Pineapple

I was lucky enough to spend 2 days at ISPO in Munich this week. I went to look at the Celtek collection for next winter and before I even got the stand properly I had picked out which mittens I wanted! It’s not everyday a collection has 5 or 6 different products that instantly stand out but Celtek have hit the nail on the head and come up with some awesome designs. As always the quality feels amazing too. My favourite mitten features the cutest french bulldog on the planet and they are super tech too. The Gallery mitten with a warmth rating of 9/10 are sure to keep you hands toasty and with the water repellent ripstop nylon shell you’ll stay dry all day too. You can choose from Polar Bears, Unicorns, Owls & Bulldogs! Hardest choice ever! #firstworldproblems

The Gallery Mitten – Why not take your furry animal friends up the mountain with you 

 The Gallery Mitten – Frenchy


The Gallery Mitten – Unicorn
The Gallery Mitten – Unicorn 

Maya Mitten – Warm, Waterproof and definitely not boring!

Another favourite of mine is the Maya Mitten (I currently wear the cuddles print with the Panda & Kitten on) These mittens are a little bit thinner than the Gallery & Bitten Mittens but that doesn’t mean they aren’t warm, they are still rated 8/10 for warmth. They have a nice soft liner with super loft insulation and storm dry 15k waterproof and breathability rating. The artwork on these mittens are fun and the leather adds a real nice touch to them.

Maya Mitten - GI Jane
 Maya Mitten – GI Jane
Maya Mitten – Gi Jane

The Pineapple print Maya Mitts are epic too!

Maya Mitten – Pineapple
Maya Mitten - Meow
Maya Mitten – Meow

Bitten By A Womitten – Celteks best selling style for women

Bitten by a Womitten – Flying Maas-er

Bitten By A Womitten is really popular now thanks to the fun artwork and quality. These babies have individual finger slots inside them to keep your fingers separated! Wrist leashes are a must have too, you will never drop your gloves or leave them in the bar again. This one just so happens to be Cherly Maas’s design too.

Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks at next winters snowboard gear! 🙂 x

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