Girl Seasonaire’s – Megan Betts


Megan is one of my best mates, she is the nicest girl you will ever meet and she is always up for a laugh. We met 3 years ago in Mayrhofen and since then meg’s snowboarding has improved so much, when she first arrived here she had only ever skied before. She decided to make the switch to a board and she has kept at it since then. Now you will see her trying new things in the park and riding round the piste with the other girls.Ā 10675546_10153411131066038_7459038206964701681_n

Where do you work and do you enjoy it?

I work at Mike’s Sportsbar! An english bar in the centre of Mayrhofen which shows sky sports and has all the english drinks and snacks you could ask for! The music is awesome as its old school english, or up to date in the charts music! Nice to get away from the European Pop! šŸ™Š

Where do you live and who with?

I live with the messiest, loudest, annoying, funniest yet amazing people! There’s about 21 of us in the house I share with! I’ve known a lot of them from seasons before, but there are a lot I met this season and I wouldn’t change any of them for the world! Makes a season a whole lot better having these people around me 24/7 even though they do my head in sometimes but they all look after me as im the baby in the house10947322_10153554029496038_6443360805889648433_n

What made you do a winter season?

Me and my family have always gone on skiing holiday since I remember! ( yes I used to be a skier šŸ™Š) when my cousin decided to do a season in Les des alpes we all went to visit him! From that point on i knew I wanted to do a season! Me , my friend Jamie & my cousin came to Mayrhofen to find our friends Matt & Conor who had done a couple seasons here before! From then on I’ve stayed here!

How long have you been snowboarding for?

Well as I said before I was skier before šŸ™Š so my first season I had just learnt to snowboard!, my second season I was only here for a month, and then now I’m on my third season and constantly boarding everyday! It’s hard to come up with a time scale but probably about year & a half now and I’ve never looked back to my skis! šŸ™Š29965

How often do you go snowboarding?

I try and go up every day! At the moment my boards broken so im borrowing one when I can! Unless I’m too hungover or the visibility is shocking I’ll more then likely be up the mountain! whether that’s on my own or a big group of us.

1689170_10153518063186038_644082239226160211_nDo you ride with other girls?

Yes I ride with so many girls and I love it! You can try anything you want without feeling any pressure! We are all really good at helping eachother out and pushing eachother when it comes to new things! We have the best laugh and not afraid to sing – along to our girly song playlists on our iPods. We take a lot more photos and videos then the boys do! Chairlift selfies are a must! We have a great crew this year in Mayrhofen and I can’t wait for the rest of the season

10154389_10152728374851038_211710466_n-2Why did you choose Mayrhofen for the season?

I chose Mayrhofen purely because of the people I had met out here Over the past couple years. We are all like a big family and it’s so awesome! Snowbombing and the altitude festival is a great way to say goodbye to the friends you had made and to round off the season nicely! It’s grown like a second home to me now! I love the runs up penken (red 7 & the park!) but it’s also great to have other resorts right on our door step which always makes things exciting! It’s also only an hours flight home! So my stepdad takes great advantage of that & has about 1000 holidays a year!Ā IMG_4166

Thank you Meg ā¤

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