Nikita Snowboards – ISPO 2015

Nikita 2016 Snowboard Line

The Nikita snowboard line has sold really well over the past couple of years. With the combination of Salomon’s technology and Nikita’s design’s I feel like there is something for women of all abilities. I am really excited about the Expression, not only is it still a powerful snowboard but the graphics are amazing too. I am happy to report that they have kept this board pretty similar to this season’s model.

Nikita Expression Snowboard & Heida's signature jacket
Nikita Expression Snowboard & Heida’s signature jacket

The profile is camber between the feet and rocker at the tip and tail. Now it is advertised as ‘all mountain – freestyle’ which I would totally agree with. If you are a park rider don’t let the ‘all mountain’ part put you off. I ride a 143cm Expression on rails and jumps and it is such a nice board to hit the park on. When you want to just charge around on piste runs you will find it is really responsive and holds up really well at high speeds. It is a directional twin (it has a slightly larger nose than tail) but it can easily be setup to ride park by adjusting your binding stance. The Popster Core gives it that all important kick when you are ollie-ing and the royal rubber pads under your feet help absorb the impact of your landing. Another important feature on this board is the Sintered base, not only does this mean it won’t need waxing as much but it will take knocks and rocks a lot better than an extruded base would. If you haven’t learnt how to wax your board already I would recommend that you do, it’s super easy and is really important for keeping your board in good condition.

Nikita Sideway Sista Snowboard
Nikita Sideway Sista Snowboard

Next up is the Sideway Sista – The Sideway Sista has been one of the most popular boards and is mainly a park board. That’s not to say it isn’t good for all mountain riding but you will be really happy with this in the park. The profile on this board rock out camber which means the board is flat between the bindings, has camber under the feet for response and rocker between the tip and tail to help with presses. Featuring the popster core and royal rubber pads under the feet like the expression, hitting park on this is easy and fun. The extruded base will need maintaining to keep it running fast but when a box takes a chunk out of your base it will be a lot easier to repair so don’t worry about giving it some stick!

The Chickita Snowboard

Last but not least is the Chickita snowboard. Being the stiffest board in the line doesn’t mean it’s no fun! With a super-flat rocker to help you float through powder this is the perfect mountain charging board. It’s a directional twin too meaning you will already be set up with a slightly bigger nose to help you cut through pillow lines with ease. So if park isn’t your thing and you want a board that will respond and perform when you need it to then this is the one for you.

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Overall the Nikita collection is looking promising for next winter and I think a lot of girls will be happy with the designs and the performance of these boards, above is a collection of my photo’s from the ISPO munich stand where I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at everything! Keep an eye out for my thought’s on Nikita’s 2016 outerwear next week 🙂


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