Nikita Ninja Bindings 2016 Preview

IMG_3297Nikita only have one set of bindings in the collection which are the ‘Ninja’ bindings. I have rode these bindings consistently for the past 2 seasons now and I’m really impressed with the performance and quality. With a women specific highback and super comfy straps you can’t really go wrong with these. I’m not sure on the prices for next winter but the current season bindings were in shops at £120. If you are looking for a nice responsive set of bindings for freestyle and mountain riding then these are a good choice.IMG_3298The two colour options next season are the White & Purple and the Red & Black. They have a matte effect finish to them which is nice and the colours aren’t too girly which some of you will be happy about (seeing as though every woman on the internet seems to be crying about there being too much pink and glitter) Personally the white and purple one’s are my favourite, i’ve been rocking the current season Ninja’s in white and black & white and they just look really good on any snowboard. IMG_3295IMG_3299


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