Tiny House Tuesday

For those of you that don’t know, I live in a Caravan with my boyfriend Simon! We park it up on a campsite near Mayrhofen for the Winter and in the Summer we live in the New Forest in the South of England. I love my caravan and it is perfect for us travelling around Europe in but I am slightly obsessed with Tiny Houses! Tiny houses are usually wooden cabins, sometimes built on wheels so they can be towed around. There are a lot of creative ideas when it comes to these structures, some people have even turned ugly shipping containers into gorgeous mini houses. I thought I would do a weekly feature of my favourite tiny houses so you can see why I am in love with them! Now this is quite a big tiny house so something like this wouldn’t work for us as we travel to Europe in the Winter. One of the main reasons for the wheels is it gets around most housing laws as it’s not a permanent structure and it can be moved if needed so it’s a good way to build your own home in a place you want without getting into planning permission battles. This a 204 square foot tiny house, which compared to our caravan it isn’t that tiny! I can’t imagine trying to tow this thing around Europe! You would need to buy a huge american pick up truck to be able to handle the weight of this thing!It has an awesome little chill out loft area where you can just sit and watch tv or read a bookThe bedroom is huge too and because of the slanted roof there is a bit more headroom at one side so it’s easy to get in and out of bedThis cosy little sofa corner is perfect for movie nights!

This shower is gorgeous and definitely not tiny! The water drains straight out of the floor to keep the it nice and simple.

The stairs double up as extra storage space so you can hide away your clothes and other belongings in there. The tall cupboard actually pulls out and has a clothes rail in there so you can hang all of your jackets and coats up. You can watch the build of this tiny house on a programme called ‘Tiny House Nation’ it’s available free on watchseries.ag! Take a look at some other cool builds on this website ‘Tiny House Swoon’ for some more inspiration!

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