Pandora Rings

IMG_2828When it comes to Jewellery the only thing I wear consistently is rings. I don’t know what it is about earnings and bracelets and necklaces but I just always seem to to forget that I own them, or I don’t want to break them! The reason I love pandora rings is that they are really pretty yet super practical. They have some really nice rings that are comfy to wear and don’t have bits sticking out to get caught on your snowboard gloves. 190892CZThese are my two favourite rings at the moment (both were birthday presents from my lovely parents) the first one is the Braided Pave Ring and it is gorgeous. The silver bands with Cubic Zirconia stones look beautiful together and it’s a really nice comfortable ring to wear. As I said before it doesn’t have any parts that stick out that could get caught when your snowboarding, you won’t even notice you are wearing this most of the time. If your going for a meal at a nice restaurant this will look great with whatever you wear, that why I like silver because it goes with anything!190886CZ-1The Feather ring is a really nice statement ring that can still be worn everyday. It’s a pretty sparkly ring that looks amazing on and like with the pave ring it is comfortable to wear. I like that these rings are pretty and sparkly without being excessively big and bulky. I don’t normally write about jewellery but I though I would share these with you as I am in love with them both! 🙂 You can see the rest of the collection hereIMG_2829

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