Celtek Calypso Mittens – 1 Year on

IMG_0662I thought I would do a follow up review on some products that I wrote about last winter so you can see how well they have held up! It’s all well and good reviewing something when it’s brand new but after months of hard use products can start to look a bit worn out. That wasn’t the case with these Celtek Calypso Mittens, I wore them for most of last season and even wore them to shape the park in so they have definitely been put through their paces. 1 year later and they are still in perfect condition. Non of the stitching has come loose and they are still fully waterproof ( I haven’t treated them with any waterproofing protection). IMG_5309The leather has become creased over time but that has no affect on the performance of them, it just adds charm 😉 These mittens are incredibly comfy, the soft cuff stops any snow getting up your arms. Another handy feature is the wrist leashes, you will never loose your mittens again with them hooked nicely around your wrists!IMG_1159I took them out in the pow last week and they didn’t let me down at all, still really toasty and warm. They are a bit more pricey that other mittens but if you want a pair that is going to last you a long time then it’s worth spending that little bit extra. Out of all my gloves & mittens these have outlasted them all and during the winter they do get used everyday so they have done really well. IMG_1162IMG_1277IMG_1163IMG_1156


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