Patscherkofel Innsbruck – Girls Jib Jam

11043244_10153179203739806_4065525194801452100_oLast weekend Patscherkofel snow park hosted the girls jib jam contest and the turnout was really good! The atmosphere was great because there were so many girls riding together and pushing each other to try new things. Me and a few girls from Mayrhofen went on a mini road trip to join in with the fun.

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Patscherkofel has become one of my favourite resorts in Austria, the rail lines are so much fun and you can either do a really long run to the chair or do quick t-bar laps on a few features. The t-bar section was perfect to have the rail jam, there was a down rail, a down-flat-down-flat-down rail and a ride on rainbow rail with a box line and canon rail next to it.

Katha Buchegger
Katha Buchegger

During the jam session all of the girls were throwing down some awesome tricks, my personal favourite was Katha Buchegger’s backboard through the triple down flat rail! Her sister Sandra was on top form too with a 50-50 front 180 out of the same rail. Sandra and Katha are sisters that live in Innsbruck and they are super fun to ride with, they have so much style and are always smiling when they are riding through the park.

Sandra Buchegger
Sandra Buchegger

After a couple of hours the two judges Julia & Mary had a tough job on their hands deciding the top 5 girls, Katha got a well deserved 1st place with her sister Sandra just behind her in 2nd. 10522900_10153179142829806_7626184641511232232_oI don’t know the full names of a lot of the girls riding there but everyone was on top form and it was really inspirational to ride with so many other girls. Big thanks to the organisers for putting on a nice relaxed event, hopefully next year even more girls will come along! Thanks to Florian Trattner for the photo’s!

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