Womens 32 Boots 2015/2016 preview

IMG_3363 ThirtyTwo have been in the boot game a looong time and during that time they have developed into one of the best companies on the market. Not only do they keep producing new tech, the designs are amazing too. I can see why lots of girls choose to go with ThirtyTwo! I managed to get a sneak peek at next winters range at ISPO in Munich and here are my thoughts and photos  The Lashed – Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 10.27.53IMG_3369 Now the lashed is actually the number 1 best selling boot worldwide and you can go for the classic lace up option or the fast track system. First impressions are WOW! straight away I fell in love with the Lashed collection. IMG_3368For me the fast track boot is the winner, I have ridden in this boot before and I loved how easy it is to fasten them up and they feel really secure and comfy. I really want to give the lace up boots a chance (i’ve always been too lazy for laces) so this year at Spring Break I will take them for a test run. IMG_3367ThirtyTwo say these are the perfect all round boot wether you ride park or piste so that covers most of us. If I had to choose a boot from the range I would be stuck between the bright pink and the leopard print ones! IMG_3364 The TM-Two IMG_3366These are the team favourites at ThirtyTwo because of the fit, flex & durability. Designed to be a super versatile boot meaning you can ride these anywhere and on anything and still get the most out of them. These are a stiffer boot than the lashed so if you are looking for something stiffer then I would go for these. IMG_3365 The 86 Fast Track – 

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This skate inspired boot has a soft flex and fast track lace system. Super comfy boot that is perfect for those of you that like have some flexing your boots while your riding. The lace system makes life so much easier and your boots can be on and off in seconds. If the bright red isn’t your thing you can get these boots in a black & turquoise combo or blue with cute polka dots too –

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The Exit – IMG_3378The Exit is another soft flex boot but this time it has the classic lace up system for those of you that like to keep it old school. The fit of this boot is ‘comfort’ so your feet will be happy in these on long days up the mountain.

The STW Boa – IMG_3377For those of you that prefer the boa system these might be the ones for you. With a soft flex and comfort fit these should fit like a dream. Bear in mind it is a single boa which is great on a soft flex boot but if you want a stiffer ride then go for the double boa like the binary boa boot. I will be testing these out on the snow during the Spring Break board test next month so look out for a full review in May! 🙂 Let me know what you think of the range!


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