Hair Care! Life on the road takes it’s toll!

10682432_777784008937362_2840855925670210487_oSo if your like me and only visit the hairdressers twice a year then you will probably find you hair is in need of some love.

When I leave the country for 6 months at a time I find it hard to pluck up the courage to visit a salon whilst being abroad. SO after torturing my hair with bleach and other various colours while i’m away it’s always good to visit the hairdressers and give your a hair a boost. Things you wouldn’t expect to affect your hair can cause it to be unruly, like wearing a beaning or helmet everyday!

When I visit my hometown of Selby in North Yorkshire I pay a visit to Rob at Salonix. Rob and his team are miracle workers and he never gives me a hard time for killing my hair trying to colour it myself! Visiting the hairdressers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but you can’t deny that sitting back and letting someone cut & wash your hair is one of the most relaxing things ever.

Luckily for me Rob has released his own line of products so I can take his expert hair care on the road with me. Let me tell you something now – THEY SMELL AMAZING!

A product I use every time after I’ve washed my hair is Argon Oil, this stuff is an absolute life saver and gives my hair that extra boost of moisture (it makes it smell so good too!) I love it because it takes seconds to apply yet it improves my hair condition so much. When you finish drying your hair after applying this you will notice the difference straight away, it leaves your hair so smooth and silky you won’t be able to stop touching it!

Another great product for neglected hair is the Extreme Rebuilder mask. You simply apply to damp hair and leave in for 20 minutes before rinsing off. It replenishes your hair with vitamins, minerals and proteins so it will leave it feeling super healthy and strong afterwards. Treat yourself to this at least once a month and your hair will love you forever! _MG_6894-1.580I am so happy to be visiting rob early next month as my hair is dying for some attention! Take a look at the full range of stuff and give them a try, you won’t be disappointed as the team worked hard on these products to get the right and they use these on customers too so they really are worth investing in!


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