3 Travel Bucket List Destinations!

IMG_33381By the grand old age of 21 I have been lucky enough to visit some beautiful places all over the world. Snowboarding brings you to places you would never even think about visiting. As someone that enjoys travelling there are still some things I have yet to tick off my bucket list!

The 1st place I am itching to visit is Florida!

A few years ago I spent 6 months living in Colorado, which was amazing! It is a beautiful place BUT I really wanted to be a big kid and visit Universal Studio’s, Disney Land etc! Being a Harry Potter fan growing up means I just HAVE to go to Harry Potter World! It would also be nice to have a bit of sun for a change as I spend most of my time chasing the snow. Travelling to America feels like such an adventure and having only visited one state I would love to add Florida to my list of places I’ve been to. I would rent a car and road trip across to Miami for the day to see the beaches too! If money was no object then I would have a mega road trip across the country and visit every state!

2nd on my list is Tokyo, Japan – 

Tokyo has to be one of the most intriguing Cities ever. Tales of cat cafes and robot restaurants makes me want to wander around the city and explore all of these quirky places on offer. I love seeing new technology too and no doubt Tokyo has some crazy inventions on show! They even have a Disney Land in Tokyo so that would be on my list of places to visit while I am there. After exploring the extremely busy city I would escape from the hustle and bustle and head to Mount Takao for a hike. I would seek out some of the gardens with the pretty blossom trees to photograph. It’s amazing to think that such an hugely populated city still has these beautiful and peaceful gardens.

3rd on my list is Levi, Finland – 36992_1526139831757_6034792_n

Now this might be an odd thing to have on my list as I have already been to Finland! I went on a family holiday to Rovaniemi first and we went back a year later to a place called Levi. At the time I was about 14/15 years old and I loved it so much that I really want to go back. Now I am older and enjoy taking pictures so much I really want to go back and photograph all the beautiful snowy landscapes. Even after visiting Finland twice I still didn’t see the northern lights! I am determined to see them one day! I just love the atmosphere there, it sounds cheesy but it really is magical. 35136_1526138751730_4796286_n
Snowboarding in Finland during the winter months is amazing and the snow conditions are brilliant. Going home to a cosy chalet with a log fire and a sauna is exactly what you need after a long day on the slopes. Snowmobiling in Finland is a lot of fun too, our guide even packed a thermos with hot fruit punch! We had a pit stop under the stars with our hot drink and took in the amazing view. I need to do it again but this time with my video camera! The standout moment for me though was strapping my snowboard on at the top of the resort and seeing a herd of Reindeer stood next to me! If you ever get the chance to visit Finland you should take it 🙂

This post was written as my entry to a competition for Transun Holidays! Fingers crossed I can win a trip to Finland! 🙂


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