Penny Skateboards! New Designs

IMG_8138My trusty Penny has lasted me a few years now and it still rides perfectly. It definitely comes in handy when I need to pop down the road to the shop and can’t be bothered walking! Subvert have just got a load of new stock in – I am so indecisive that it would take me all day to choose my favourite! You know me – I like to support local shops so go and have a nosy at Subvert Boardstore and pick out your favourite one. If you ask nicely they might even put some grip tape on it for you 😉 It beats waiting in all day for it to get delivered and you can skate out of the shop on it (watch out for Xscape security though – they will tell you off! haha) 9a7fc822b61a11e2959322000a1f9d56_7This is by no means an actual skateboard but if your like me and your happy just cruising around then Penny’s are perfect.

The new line from penny is the ‘Fresh Print’s collection with 90’s inspired geometric prints. It will make you feel like you just dropped into the set of Fresh Prince of Belair.. haha. My favourite from the new collection is the ‘Buffy’ board which is pastel pink on the top. 

Another cool collection is the ‘Painted Fades‘ – with 8 different colour combinations you have plenty to choose from. I ride the smaller sized penny which is 22″ and is perfect for me, but I would recommend getting the larger one if you have feet bigger than a size 9. It can be quite a challenge to ride the smaller ones if you have bigger feet. So if you fancy picking one up then Subvert have stores in Castleford & Manchester so go have a chat with those guys and they will sort you out!


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  1. MyKenSanh says:

    your favourite is so wonderful.. i love the way you sharing.

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