5 Spring Wetsuit Favourites!

Now when it gets to summer I start off with good intentions of going surfing and wakeboarding all the time but in reality I end up going 2 or 3 times all summer! That still doesn’t stop me from wanting to splash out on a new wetsuit. It’s hard to resist the temptation even when you know that your not going to use it that much. I am certainly not a watersports expert (I wakeboard two or three times a year and I surf every once in a blue moon) but here is my wishlist of spring/summer wetsuits anyway!

Mystic Diva 3/2mm Long arm Super Shorty – 

Now I spotted this Mystic wetsuit when I visited Surface 2 Air in Poole and I instantly wanted to buy it! This is perfect for Wakeboarding as it has long arms with short legs. Personally I like this because you could wear nice board shorts over the top. The legs aren’t too short either so it will be super comfy and the long arms will keep the wind chill off you. It is a back zip wetsuit but it has an overhead back panel that stops any water from getting through the zipper. 

O’neill Bahia 2/1mm Long Arm Shorty – 

Now this is thinner than the Mystic wetsuit and being a 2mm suit you would only be happy wearing this on a really hot day when the water temperature is high. I love the colour and again with it being a long armed suit with short legs I think it’s perfect for wakeboarding. I know that looks aren’t everything but it’s definitely nice to have the option to buy wetsuits that stand out from the standard black/grey colours we are used to seeing. You can pick one of these up for £69.94 from boardshop.co.uk.

Billabong Salty Dayz 3/2mm Chest Zip – 

If you want a full length suit (which is probably a good idea if you live in England) then Billabong have some really nice choices including this Salty Dayz suit. It’s a 3/2mm so it will keep you nice a warm yet it won’t overheat you on sunny days. Being a chest zip it means you won’t find as much water gets in so you can stay at a steady temperature all day. 

Ripcurl Flash Bomb 3/2mm – 

At the higher end of range we have the Ripcurl Flash bomb. This suit will provide you with the top tech to keep you comfortable and warm. The huge bonus with this suit is it’s the fastest drying wetsuit in the world so no need to hang it outside for hours waiting for it to dry out. Also the dual layer flash lining flushed water out keeping you nice and warm at all times. Available from King of Watersports this suit is the most expensive on my list but you do get more for your money. If you think you are going to be wearing it a lot then it’s worth investing in something that’s going to last. 

Womens G Bomb Long Sleeve Shorty –

Now unless I wake up looking like Alana B then I won’t be buying this wetsuit anytime soon! In my dreams I live on a tropical island where this would be perfectly acceptable and practical to wear in the sea. Back in the real world this suit would never get used in the UK – ok maybe 2 days of the year it *could* be hot enough to wear this. If you are planning a surf camp abroad then this would be perfect for you! Being a 1mm thick suit it won’t offer much warmth but Ripcurl reckon the tech in the neoprene will keep you 10% warmer than standard neoprene suits. Also available from King of Watersports


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