Living & Working on a Campsite in the UK

IMG_5887This summer will be our second season working at Green Hill Farm. We arrived here just in time for the Easter holidays and we will work all the way through until mid November. The problem with spending the winter season abroad is that it’s hard to find a job to go back to during the summer months. We spent a couple of summers working at a flowrider but we needed something a bit more secure that we knew we could come back to every year. That’s the great thing about seasonal campsite jobs – they fit in perfectly with the snowboard season. IMG_0433Owning our own caravan did give us more of a chance at finding a job because most sites need you to have your own caravan or motorhome to live in while you work there. We chose a Bailey Pageant because we knew they are great quality durable caravans ( we used to have a Bailey Ranger) However there are a few jobs that will provide you with a static caravan to stay in for the summer (static caravans are huge by the way! pretty much the size of a small flat)

10421399_10203846744710107_844457571015471386_nCampsite Wardens – 

So me and my boyfriend Simon are campsite wardens. Our main job is to run the Reception and clean the facilities 5 days a week. We usually take it in turns and one of us will work in reception while he other one cleans and then swap the next day. As well as running the reception and cleaning we run the bar and host activities onsite too. Through the school holidays it can be hard work but we have an extra couple to help us through the busy periods. Reception duties are taking bookings, checking people in and out of the site, running the shop & responding to emails and queries on the phone. When your cleaning you have to lock up the toilet and shower blocks and give them a thorough clean, sometimes you will have to pop and show somebody to their pitch or help them with getting their caravan on properly. On evenings we have to do a patrol of the site to check that there are no noisy groups or camp fires going late at night. The bar is really fun too, we host quiz nights & music bingo and play music and tv shows.IMG_0423This time of year is great because all the little ducklings have hatched. We feed them and they become really tame. As soon as they see or hear us they run straight over. We even had 12 of them in our awning yesterday! they are so cute. IMG_5916The campsite we live on is in the New Forest so we are really close to all the donkeys and horses which is really nice. IMG_0146Onsite we have 2 fishing lakes so Simon goes on an evening for a fish and I sit next to him and read (we sound so old! haha)

If your thinking about working on a campsite for the summer I really recommend it. It helps you learn more about customer service and how to deal with stressful situations. Having a free pitch and electric for the summer allows you to save more money for the Winter season! It also helps you get rid of stuff you don’t need, living in a small space can be hard so only take the things you need. It is hard work at times – especially when it’s raining and everyone is grumpy because their tent is muddy! Cleaning up after muddy, gooey children is definitely not the highlight of the job either. You do get to meet a lot of lovely people though. When the weather is good you can get the bbq going and relax on an evening in beautiful surroundings! 15568_10206478491059370_9171144291303166103_n


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